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 Combat Arms =]PC[= Introduction (MUST READ BEFORE POSTING)

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Combat Arms =]PC[= Introduction (MUST READ BEFORE POSTING) Empty
PostSubject: Combat Arms =]PC[= Introduction (MUST READ BEFORE POSTING)   Combat Arms =]PC[= Introduction (MUST READ BEFORE POSTING) EmptySat May 23, 2009 9:01 pm

Hello and let me be the first person to say thank you for applying to MotR's Combat Arms Division, also known as Pandemic Crisis!

Pandemic Crisis was founded by Outlaw/N12 and myself, Hunter/Allelujah. The two of us have played Combat Arms together for about a year now and have had experience in leadership roles. We formed Pandemic Crisis in an effort to revive MotR's position in Combat Arms.

So with that said, here are the basic guidelines for applying:

- In order to apply, you must use the Application Format or you will be automatically denied.

- After posting your application, you should post screenshots of your performance in-game to show us that you are capable of playing for us. You should also play in public matches with members of PC to help Recruiters decide whether or not they should vote yes to let you in.

- In order to be accepted into PC, you must have a total of three votes from the recruiters and/or Outlaw.

- The recruiters are: Outlaw, AJ, Tacos, and Plague.

- We reccomend that you have a KDR of 1.5 or better, it's alright if you don't have that KDR right now, as long as you can dedicate yourself to working towards it.

- We look down on people who use the LAW as a primary weapon (In other words: You use it too often), we prefer using it as a support weapon and in some cases, a last resort tactic.

- Respect all members of =]PC[= as well as members of other divisions in MotR.

My hope is that, if you, the applicant, can follow these guidelines to the best of your ability, you will no doubt become a member of Pandemic Crisis! Good Luck and see you on the battlefield!

~Hunter/Allelujah, Former Recruiter of Pandemic Crisis.
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Combat Arms =]PC[= Introduction (MUST READ BEFORE POSTING)
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