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 Important Application Rules

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PostSubject: Important Application Rules   Important Application Rules EmptySun Apr 19, 2009 4:46 am

Attention cadets and applicants. I'm sure there have been many questions about the application process and questions about the rules while applying. This should answer your questions as far as rules go. These are the basic rules when applying for MotR. These cover the positive additude aspect.

These are what you absolutely do not do under any circumstance while applying.

*********************************************************** *****************************************

Calling others "noobs" or any form of that on the in game chat. Bottom line, calling others noobs not only encourages most of them to noob some more, it makes you and the clan you're applying for look bad, so don't do it, period.

Cussing on the server.

Losing your cool on the server. Don't yell at others and have a tempertantrum. It makes us all look immature.


Inapproprite behavior on the server, I.E. poor showing poor sportsmanship pubicly via in game chat or XFire. Perving on the server also counts as inappropriate behavior.

Namecalling on the server. Calling others noob, and such fall under this category, and that goes for spamming offensive things too.

Spamming on the server. There's nothing as annoying as spamming on the server. If you spam, push the button 2 or 3 times and that is it. That includes informative spam like where our website is. Do it 2 or 3 times and do it periodacially. Don't bother wasting your energy with counterspam either.

Inappropriate or insensitve comments on the forums.

Harassment. Also self explanatory.

**************************************************************** ************************************

If any of you have trouble with these rules we can work with you on that to improve, but you must be willing to accept the help and listen if it comes to that.

Note, very important : All applicants and cadets must agree to abide by these rules and follow them before ever being considered for membership. No exceptions!

*Credits to Weapon

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Important Application Rules
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