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Greetings applicants. Any questions you may have regarding the application process can be answered here in this topic. Typicially applicants are accepted into MotR based on three factors : positive additude, skill, and activity.

Positive attitude basicially covers how you act on the public servers, for example calling someone a noob or saying "damn noob" or complaining about aa or heavy (all of this in the in game chat text btw) is not an example of a positive aditude.

Skill is self explanitory. Typicially, when playing serious, we like to see our applicants use the pistol, blasters, shotgun, sniper, and thermal grenades, you don't have to use the bowcaster if you do not want to.
Normally, we like to see top or near top scores for the applicants on the screenshot. However if your PC allows the server to show the time you've been in game despite the amount of people in the server then you can use that to your advantage and being in the middle or near the bottom will not matter if you got your score in half or less than half the amount of time that the top scorer got his. On average 4 kills per minute is a standard for screenshots submitted by applicants wanting to get in MotR, but at times we may be leinent. It really all depends on the screenshot itself.

Activity is also self explanitory. We like to see our applicants just as much as we like to see our own members. It's fun to play together. Also it's very important to be active on the forums too, it makes communication a lot easier, and it's one of the main places you make friends with other members. The forums contain updates to things that concern all members also, and XFire comes in handy a lot too. It's also nice to be active on TS (teamspeak). Basicially whenever you play why not hop on TS and chat with your friends? It's understandable when RL things come up, but let us know if you're going to be gone for a little bit or when you won't have time to spend online for a while. That way we won't be scratching our heads wondering where you dissappeared to and how long will you stay missing.

Good luck!

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Application Tips
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