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 Example Application

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Example Application Empty
PostSubject: Example Application   Example Application EmptySun Apr 19, 2009 4:58 am

> User (in-game) Name : THE BEST
> Age: 17

> Location: santiago chile

> How may we contact you: email
> Do you have any brothers or sisters: no

> How did you come to find {MotR} and why do you wish to join: i think i am good enough to be in a good clan

> How long have you been playing RC: since it was made

> What server do you usually play on: motr ctf

> Around what times are you usually online: 7am to 10pm

> How many hours/days do you play RC:1

> Can you get a
get along with/respect other players in game and on forums: yeah

> How skilled do you think you are: 9

>Please describe your battle tactics: jump to the side and am for the head

> What is your preferred weapon: d17 blaster

> If you were in a 2 v 2, and your partner dropped out, what would you do during the match: i would kill killl What would you do when you found your partner later:ask him why he quit
> Any previous clans experience: no
> Do you have a microphone/headset:yeah

> Are you able to download Teamspeak: yes
> Screenshots (at least 5, the more you send out the more active your app is, and POST THEM AS LINKS AND NOT IMAGES!) :
I will pose some later
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Example Application
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