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-=Forum Rules=-
Please follow the following rules at our forums. This is an all ages message board so please remember to keep your posts clean.

1. No swearing or sexual content on the forums. Your posts will be deleted if they contain any such content. This goes for images or links posted to the site. If you post a link to another site or file which contains profanity please make a note of that in your post. Excessive swearing may result in the removal of your account.

2. No flaming. Flaming posts will be deleted upon sight by the forum admins and moderators. Repeat offenders will be warned and if they continue they will be banned. (Flaming is defined as: "intentionally insulting and criticizing remarks meant to incite anger").

3. No spamming the forums. Spam posts may be deleted by the admins/moderators. We will reset post counts of those who spam excessively. Spam includes, but is not limited to: off-topic posts, nonsense posts, useless posts, posts which should be private, excessively annoying posts, et cetera.

Note: MOTR forum Administrators and Moderators will make every attempt to enforce said "Forum Rules". However, occasional posts may be exempted from such rules. Due to the dynamic nature of the forums, Administrators and Moderators may not "catch" all posts which violate forum rules; however, every attempt will be made.

Try to keep the Spam count low.
What is Spam?
Spam constitutes itself as useless, annoying, and incorrect posts on the forums. Spam often presents itself in the form of many, duplicated useless posts, or appears as completely annoying and off-base posts. Spam occurs in the form of incorrect posts - either posting in the wrong section, or a post which should have been a PM. Personal and less public ideas should be communicated through PMs.

Thank you for visiting our forums,

*credits to Saphira

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Forums Rules
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