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 How to Post Screenshots for Combat Arms

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How to Post Screenshots for Combat Arms Empty
PostSubject: How to Post Screenshots for Combat Arms   How to Post Screenshots for Combat Arms EmptyThu Jul 02, 2009 1:39 pm

As you may know, xfire does not work ingame for Combat Arms. I'm tired of explaining how to take screenshots for Combat Arms for incoming applicants, so i decided to explain word by word how to take and post screenshots for your application. To take screenshots of your score or whatever you want, follow the following directions:

1. When the scoreboard is in display, press the "Prt Scrn" button located next to the "Scroll Lock" button.
2. Press Alt and Tab at the same time to minimize your game.
3. On your desktop go to your Start Menu, go to Programs, go to accessories, and click the application known as "Paint".
4. Once you load your blank Paint document, Hold Ctrl down and press V to paste your screenshot.
5. Save your document under "Pictures".

Now...to post your screenshot on the forums, follow these instructions:

1. Make a photobucket account on this site: www.photobucket.com
2. Once you make an account, you are set to post your images on your photobucket profile.
3. To upload a screenshot on photobucket, press "Choose File" , and select the image(the image/screenshot should be located under "My documents" and under the folder "pictures".
4. Once you have selected the file, it will begin to upload the picture.
5. Once it has been uploaded, the window will direct you to the display of your uploaded image. Press the button "Return to Album".
6. You will see 3 links below your recently posted image. Copy the "Direct Link".
7. Log on to the MotR forums, go to your application, press the "post reply button", and press Ctrl V to paste the link.

At that point, you will have completed the simple process of posting a screenshot for your application. Congratz.

- Outlaw

How to Post Screenshots for Combat Arms Outlaw1993
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How to Post Screenshots for Combat Arms
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